Looking for a sweet collection of underground hip hop instrumentals? So this means you’ve decided to give the proverbial “finger” to the mainstream rap world, in favor of a more creatively free outlet? Enter the underground rap world. A good choice, friend, as you now have the opportunity to spread your wings and create the music you’ve always wanted to create. On the other hand, let it be known now that by being an underground rapper, your chances at mainstream success slim quite a bit. Not because of your skill level, by any means, but because of your style.

And that’s the crazy part. The mainstream tends to shun underground hip hop instrumentals, and the rappers flowing over them, despite the fact that the music and lyricism is much more thoughtful and intricate. The popular music field demands simplicity, and they get it over and over again.

But if you aren’t down for that, forge your own path. Tons of indie labels are looking for artists like you to sign every day. So let me tell you how to get started so you can get your name out there!

1. Make more than just beats. Make an atmosphere. Underground beats focus on a much grittier, dub-like sound, using all sorts of worldly instruments to get a mood across to the listener. They are atmospheric and contain ridiculous amounts of depth. Make it so that with every repeated play, the listener finds something new.

2. Don’t be afraid of experimentation, be it within your instrumentals or your lyrics! The great thing about being under the ground is that you aren’t expected to rap with certain viewpoints or ideals. Stretch your creativity as far as you can! Want an Eastern Santoor as your main melody? Maybe even a Xiao flute? So what if no one even knows what those are! If you can produce an awesome sound with them, go for it! You WILL be rewarded for your originality!

3. Listen to your favorite underground artists and producers, and look for aspects of their sounds and styles that you enjoy. Work towards building your own unique style by using their works as building blocks and inspiration!

With these tips in mind, your underground hip hop instrumentals will definitely be ready to help take you to the next level: signing with an independent record label!

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