When traveling from one place to another, it is very important to be aware of your aircraft baggage allowance when it comes to flying. Every fare paying passenger is actually allowed to bring a certain amount of baggage. However, it actually depends on how much the baggage you are allowed and how much you have to pay for the extra items and the additional weight you have to pay. It all varies on your destination.

As a customer, you are provided by the airlines the assessment on how much aircraft baggage allowance you’ll be able to take for free. Additional charges vary depending on the airline you are getting. If in you are in doubt you should contact your chosen airline before you travel so that you are aware of any additional aircraft baggage allowance there will be.

There are two systems that airline assess the amount of luggage you can take in to your flight. This is the ‘Piece’ system and the ‘Weight’ system. The ‘Piece’ system will allow you to take an amount of luggage items on the plane while the common ‘Weight’ system uses the combined weight of your entire luggage.

The rules were applied to scheduled airlines governed by IATA. If you are travelling on a holiday, the flight from the UK will amount to a normal aircraft baggage allowance to 20kg per person. Also this includes a one piece of hand luggage. However, there are some tour operators have reduced aircraft baggage allowance on late bookings of only 15kg per person. And this includes hand luggage. Your tickets will show what your aircraft baggage allowance is. If you exceed your aircraft baggage allowance, you will pay an excess baggage charge by the airline at check in. You should be aware that all sharp objects must be stored in checked- in luggage.

This should not be taken into the aircraft cabin as part of your luggage. All hand luggage should be of the same size that will fit into the aircraft’s lockers. When domestic travel forms a thorough international journey, the baggage is always checked. The appropriate international system will apply. This is so that the checker would know how much aircraft baggage allowance he/she will give to you. When the baggage is not thorough checked, then the checker will give you charge you a wrong aircraft baggage allowance. And that would be unfair in the part of the customer especially if he/she travels in distant or far flung areas. This is because he/she will be charged a very big amount of aircraft baggage allowance. These allowances includes one checked piece with total sum of dimensions but not exceeding 62 inches, 2 checked pieces with a total sum of the dimension not exceeding 62 inches when placed side by side.

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