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discount coupons for hotels
Image by A.Davey
While airline tickets were decidedly unsexy in 1941, the guys in marketing (I say this because they were almost certainly all guys back then) were able to claim some territory with this promotional coupon.

This is a time when air travel was novel and we still had a great domestic passenger rail system – not to mention ocean liners for international travel. So a ten percent discount might have been an incentive to go by air, which at that time was NOISY and prone to cause airsickness because of turbulence.

Apart from opening a window into early airline marketing, this coupon is the key to determining the cost of an air ticket from Rio to Miami in 1941: 0. I would have think that covered the cost of the overnight hotel stays, since my mother told me the plane only flew during the

In my quick search for fares for travel from Rio to Miami now, the lowest fare I found was ,100.

Now, in 1941 0 went a whole lot farther than it does now, so we have to assume that the cost of the 1941 would have been more than 0 in today’s dollars. How much more, I don’t know, because I do not place much trust in the online conversion tools.

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discount coupons for hotels
Image by {Guerrilla Futures | Jason Tester}