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[Residential Montreal street scene showing tram traveling down a hill]
travel agent hotel booking
Image by Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, UofT
Creator: Unknown
Title: [Residential Montreal street scene showing tram traveling down a hill]
Date: 1904-1956
Extent: 1 photograph: b&w ; (14.5×19.5cm)
Notes: From a collection of photographs related to the early days of the Montreal Tramways Company/Compagnie des tramways de Montréal
Format: Photograph
Rights Info: No known restrictions on access
Repository: Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario Canada, M5S 1A5,
Part of: MS. Coll. 00490 Montreal Tramways Company photographs
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Image from page 132 of “A year as a government agent” (1920)
travel agent hotel booking
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: yearasgovernment00whit
Title: A year as a government agent
Year: 1920 (1920s)
Authors: Whitehouse, Vira (Boarman), Mrs., 1875-
Subjects: United States. Committee on Public Information Propaganda, American World War, 1914-1918
Publisher: New York and London : Harper & brothers
Contributing Library: University of California Libraries
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Text Appearing Before Image:
elped. As soon as I had saidthis, we saw that here I was on my way back tobe again alone among strangers, and again Ishould want the companionship that a dog cangive. So off we went to find one. We looked atmany. The one I decided upon is a sober littlewhite Sealyham, with a black spot on his back,with short legs and a rough coat and a brownpatch over one eye. Perhaps that is why he canlook at you so wistfully. He had a preposterouskennel name, but I promptly rechristened himSonny. Sonny is an aristocrat. You can seeit, no matter how dirty and grimy he is. He is notone of those high-strung, egotistical, reactionaryaristocrats, but one whose breeding has resultedin an imperturbable calm and a poise which nocircumstance whatever can shake—from air raidsto canine conflicts. In Berne when a great Ger-man police dog met him on the winding staircaseof the hotel, took him up by the nape of the neckand shook him like a rat, Sonny alone, after hisrescue, was calm. The owner of the police dog

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SONNY The authors constant companion To America and Back 109 was hot and breathless; I was pale and trem-bling, but Sonny wagged his tail serenely andwas ready at once to pass it by as an incident ofno importance. He is particularly unobtrusive;so much so that many times on our travels hewould have been overlooked and lost if he hadnot had in his own quiet way been on the lookoutto store himself safely under the seats of trains orcabs. From the beginning he was friendly, but un-demonstrative. I took him for walks in GreenPark and spent one afternoon sitting on the grassof Hyde Park, trying to make friends with him.He soon looked to me for understanding and care,and even before we left London we had becomefast friends. These were indeed anxious times. The day weleft for Paris it seemed that the Germans mightreach there before we did. It was not yet clearthat they had already met their final check.Again I saw Paris in a gloomy mood. Manypeople had left, still more were preparing to leav

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