With the May 1 “Road Traffic Safety Regulations of Guangdong Province,” the official implementation of the ban is put electric bicycle is placed under the authority of local governments. In Guangzhou, took several years of struggle between the road bike is likely to produce the final results in the near future.

Yesterday (June 5), in accordance with the municipal government to deploy, the Guangzhou Public Security Bureau held the first symposium to solicit opinions bike management, participants believe that electric bicycles can not unconditionally release, should be banned from the roads, at least limit road; many people said, because it had the convenience factor, limited ban than good.

On behalf of a clear cut and placed as soon as possible

For comment yesterday, a total of 31 delegates will attend, including the organs directly under the Work Committee, Union City, City Women’s Federation and municipal urban management and other units on behalf of the detachment, but also drivers, teachers, doctors and IT industry, the general public.

Excessive electric bike crackdown

Participants agreed that the excessive electric bike has had a serious light motor trend, there is a great security risk, the traffic police should crack down, to prevent such vehicles from the roads.

Liu Jingjun Guangzhou traffic police detachment, said the current road, Guangzhou, in line with national standards of the real number of electric bicycles from 20,000 to 30,000 or so.

Different sections of the classification of treatment

Well, this two to three million electric bicycles is prohibited compliance is up? The participants were mixed. A primary school teacher complained that frequent friction bike events. A bus driver claimed that the electric bike despite the slow speed, but still dangerous for the elderly and children.

Zhanqian Street, Liwan District, representatives of overseas Chinese Yuan Feng Changxiong community is that while the electric bike light and flexible, urban transport facilities due to the electric bike has not yet fully prepared to recommend to the outer suburbs and other areas, such as to draw electric bike driving approach.

Guangzhou urban management departments, agrees, saying, urban management departments meet to discuss support of restrictions on roads in the city electric bicycle point of view, which is to strengthen urban management, to maintain a positive image of the role of the city, but for the suburbs, suburban location, yet to be classified after the treatment research.

Such forum will be held

Although the standard electric bike is a ban is limited, participants have different views, but they agreed that the authorities should introduce relevant legislation as soon as possible, this should be clear. It is reported that similar seminars will be held on many occasions, to solicit views of all sides.

Than the cut-off limit of the public good electric bike

Whether the prohibition on road bike question, the reporter interviewed yesterday afternoon, many people, most people think, for the standard electric bike, limited ban is better than that.

From urban planning to find ways

Public Lao Chen said there is no bike path in Guangzhou, it is unreasonable urban planning need to find a solution from planning, not in disguise to meet the requirements of the electric bike, took the highly.

Public elder Wu is in the long term do something to consider: Today, oil prices rise, electricity to drive will be an inevitable trend, “If now the electric bike to the ban, and those who would like to to develop advanced products? “

Can the old city proper release

According to statistics, in 2006 1-5 months, only the urban area on the electric bicycle accidents involving 49 cases, 56 injuries, 4 times last year! Although considered as shocking figures, but some people still express a different view.

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