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Belleville Ontario ~ Canada ~ Glanmore Mansion ~ Heritage Site
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Image by Onasill ~ Bill Badzo
Glanmore was completed in 1883 for John Philpot Curran Phillips. The building was designed by Thomas Hanley, a Belleville architect who was born in Read.

This impressive yellow brick house reflects the architectural style of the eclectic Second Empire. It features an irregular shape, with bay windows and projections; iron cresting outlining the main roof; a coloured, fish-scale pattern of slates on the concave mansard roof; wide eaves supported on carved brackets, and the original wooden eavest roughs. Stone trimmed windows and doorways have semi-circular and elliptical heads, and wood trim ornaments the semi circular heads of the dormers windows

Hookah break on a trek, Yusmarg, Kashmir, India
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Rashid Dar, was our guide on a forest trek near Yusmarg. He had lived quite an adventurous life so far. The forests surrounding Yusmarg were like his backyard and he was an expert at finding trails in the forest.

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Image by Heine Christiansen (Jr.)
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