The rainbow has its own place in legends because of its beauty and historical difficulty in explaining the mysterious phenomenon.


A rainbow which can be caused by rain and other forms of water like mist, spray, and dew spans a continuous spectrum of colors. Rainbows have many forms such as multiple bows, red bows, twinned bows, and colored fringes.


In general, rainbows are described as colorful and peaceful. Let’s have a look at the most following beautiful rainbows around the world.


Semicircular rainbow in an island in the Maldives


An illuminated rainbow in Serrieres in the canton of Neuchatel, Switzerland


A double sunset rainbow in McFall, Missouri


A sunset rainbow in Silicon Valley


A clear primary rainbow and reflected rainbow in the water in Kansas


A semicircular rainbow at Alaska’s Wrangell-St. Elias National Park


Double rainbow caught in black and white over Melbourne


A 200-degree rainbow on St. Johns, U.S. Virgin Islands


Double rainbow in the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia


A semicircular sunset rainbow at the beach of Carsethorn, Scotland


A gorgeously perfect semicircular rainbow in Whitestone, Alaska


A perfectly semicircular rainbow in New York City


The rainbow over the Gulfoss Falls in Iceland

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