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Las Vegas Bellagio Fountains Panorama
hotels booking websites
Image by John R Rogers
Last week we took a trip to Las Vegas to celebrate our daughters 21st birthday. We all had a great time. We saw a couple of shows ("Love" and "The Mac King Show") "Love" was very good, although acrobatically not on a par with the other Cirque shows we have seen. So far "O" is my favorite. "The Mac King Show" was a last minute addition to our trip and a very pleasant surprise. He was quite entertaining & easily worth the inexpensive (for Las Vegas) .00 cover.
The above shot was taken from our daughters suite at the Bellagio. A couple of months ago I booked a couple of rooms at a cheapo rate through Hotels.com. I was rather surprised when we checked in and the front desk clerk notified me we actually had a suite and a standard room. Since it was Audrea’s birthday, we gave her the suite. A few hours later we were notified that there was an error & the suite was actually reserved for another John Rogers, however we were welcome to stay in the suite for the previously paid rate. Later that evening the four of us watched the amazing choreographed fountains perform their magic to the music of "Chorus Line"
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Lure of the Light
hotels booking websites
Image by Chris Hearne
There is no reason I should have ever have taken this photo.

I was staying in the Sydney overnight for reasons that had nothing to do with photography. I’d never stayed in the particular hotel before and didn’t realise it offered any sort of views. Even if I had realised it had views I would never have expected to get access to said views given I booked the room on the cheap through one of the last minute booking websites.

Yet on the spur of the moment as I was about to leave home I decided to grab my camera and obviously when I opened the door to the room on the 35th floor and saw the view I was glad I did. And as always the OMD performed admirably.

I guess I’ll call this a lesson in why you should take your camera everywhere, even when you have no obvious reason for doing so.

Cheers, Chris