We all know how friendly Google is for its users. In fact, most of us rely on Google for searching or locating almost anything in the universe. In its endeavor to satisfy Google has put forth Google Maps which enables users to locate a particular place or location in a jiffy.


For a novice, you could begin with logging on to the Internet and open the Google home page. Click on the Map link which is present on the top of the page. You could then type in the address or the location which you wish to know in the search bar provided on the top of the Google Map page. It would be of great help if you type in the area or city or state for assisting Google to conduct a more relevant search of the same.


After this, Google will display the desired map along with the additional information on the place and location if available. You could even get closer to the location or its nearby areas by zooming in and even save the location into your special My Maps account. If you wish you could even email it across to interested people. Apart from other information, you will also get detailed information on the location, address, contact details and website information too.


Google Maps have advanced features for you can get a satellite view or a terrain view of the map. They also enable you to view traffic on the desired location. In case you wish to view a satellite map you could always drag and drop the little stick figure at the top of the zoom features bar. You could also specify the direction at which you wish to see the road. You can access the street view photo and view it from many angles in case you wish to know where you are located at that particular location.


Google Maps are can be printed, sent and even linked to an email, a website and even an instant message. By using the Print button available on the Google Map page, you can always get a print copy of the map. In case you wish to send it across to somebody through email, you could always paste a link of it in your email. For those who wish to utilize the link within their websites which could help visitors to visit the onsite location can always do so by using it with HTML as well.


Google Maps can be used through mobile and they perform the function of GPS and assist you in reaching the right place in practically no time, you need not stop the vehicle a couple of times and waste time in asking for directions.


Google Maps are full of location related information and if used in a proper manner, you can retrieve information related to zip codes, latitudes, longitudes and even airport codes of a particular country. Google Maps are equipped with an easy to use interface which attracts more and more people to benefit from using it.


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