This is a license that is normally fairly easy to obtain albeit with the right approach. The license allows one to own and in some special circumstances sell guns considered as relics (guns that are no longer in service) or collectors gun items. These are the types of guns normally sold by class 3 dealers. Are you one of those wondering how to get a class 3 license? Well, for starters, if you are an American citizen with good character and you have no criminal record then you stand a really good chance of getting one.

Before you even think of applying for this license, ensure that you meet the FFL license requirements that are specifically spelt out in many a FFL license guide found online. You are then required to fill an ATF Form 5310.16. There are two versions of these forms. In case you are in the military you need to fill out the Form B. Ensure that you fill out two copies, send one to the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms and the other one to the local law office.

In the local office you will be required to fill Form 4, which should be signed certifying that according to the FFL license guide there is no local law prohibiting you from owning a weapon and that there is no legal reason prohibiting you from owning a weapon. The FFL license guide also states that you should include a $ 200 transfer fee inform of a check in your application. This fee is a one-time only payment and requires to be renewed every 2 years. You should also enclose a fingerprints card in your application and also fill out a certificate of compliance, which is form 5330.20.

One of the very important FFL license requirements is to disclose your citizenship and whether you have a military background or any affiliations with the military of a foreign country and/or international organization. Ensure that you proofread thoroughly before submitting the application, specifically paying attention to the various FFL license requirements. Incomplete applications are normally sent back to the applicant and in some cases they are normally denied. After making sure that everything is in order, you can now send your application, together with all documents that show you have met all the FFL license requirements to the bureaus official mailing address. This is normally provided on the form. It is advised to read a handbook on class 3 weapons to inform yourself on the different types of firearms that you can acquire from class 3 dealers.

The approval process normally takes around 26 months and this is after a routine background check is done. After you get your license you can now contact reputable class 3 dealers for the purchase of desired class 3 weapons.

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