I have a confession to make. More than once, I had been accused of being pretentious. And that’s only because I used to make bad decisions when selecting wine, always ignorantly impressed by the foreign language and the prices and the cellar architecture and the design tags and brands. I may have been guilty as charged, too, because I shunned coupon codes, thinking cheap wine meant cheap quality.

But I learned, eventually. I now know what to do while scanning brand name labels from grape vineyards, wine distilleries, and champagne manufacturers. And I no longer panic at having to choose gourmet delicacies, gift baskets, and wine accessories. It’s a helpful thing to learn: heady, good wine, after all, is great for any occasion – and I no longer have to squander my money when looking for the wine that’s appropriate for me.

If you don’t want to make the same mistakes that I did, let go of your preconceived notions of luxury. Wine and gift basket retailers like WineBasket.com, for example, prove that selections from the cellars of the world’s finest wines do not have to come at a premium price. Moreover, there are wines and spirits that suit every taste; while you don’t have to be a connoisseur, making the right choice requires keeping yourself informed. No pretensions necessary!

Here are some helpful considerations to make while looking for the wine (and wine basket) that’s truly worth savoring.

Listen. If you’re looking for wine at a restaurant or in a store, take advantage of the presence of knowledgeable staff. Even if their wide selections may at first seem intimidating, the staff is there to help you make the right choice; they are there to offer good advice and be attentive to your particular needs.

Know your sweetness. By this I mean, find out which specific wine classification suits your taste, based on the amount of sugar in the wine. If you like your drink dry or crisp, then Merlot may be a good choice for you; on the other hand, if you prefer Demi Sec, sweet wine, then you might prefer the many varieties of Riesling and other fruity wines with high percentages of naturally retained sugar.

Know where to buy. Wine is sensitive to weather conditions, and its quality may easily be affected by extreme heat or cold, direct sunlight, and other similar temperature changes. So make sure that you’re going to buy wine from those who know how to take proper care of them, like directly from liquor outlets and wineries. Also be on the lookout for leakages, pushed-out corks, and other signs of “damage”.

Stick to a budget. Before you shop, determine your price range. Sure, an expensive bottle of wine can be a good investment, but there are some fine wines that are also overpriced and overhyped. An affordable mid-priced wine can still be of very good quality. And it helps, too, to look out for wines and spirits coupons which usually offer great package deals and online discounts. The abovementioned store, for example, feature WineBasket.com coupon codes that will allow shoppers to buy popular brands and baskets at discounted prices.

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