How many of us wish we could afford a holiday home abroad? Silly question? it’s probably all of us!

What puts you off?

Being able to let it out?
Flight times?
Guaranteed sunshine?

Well all may not be doom and gloom, there are a few overseas developers that have taken the step of building property that is packaged in such a way as to be affordable and relatively “hands off”.

Obviously the most important factor in purchasing an overseas property is price. Our most recent “fresh” investment is in Cape Verde, the units start from £72,000 and any prospective investor will need to find 35% deposit to purchase.

Where this development comes into its own is that you can release money from your existing home to fund the deposit or alternatively source a secured loan. The developer will then pay the interest on this loan for you until completion, at which time the interest will be added to your completion price.

An interesting point to note is that Cape Verde property has been increasing by 15% per annum over the last few years, even bucking the current financial crisis. If this continues you will have made 30% worth of profit on your investment before completion, as this is 2 years off. If you then want to secure a mortgage on your chosen unit, you can do so at 75% ltv of its valued price. Realistically you could find that you actually only need to find 5% deposit, as the other 30% will have been taken care of by the capital appreciation.

As far as letting the unit is concerned, you have the option of opting in or out of a rental pool, if you opt in, all management is taken care of, leaving you free to keep the profit. At the moment 5* hotels in cape verde are running at 95% occupancy, a recent study showed a 9.5% yield based on just a 65% occupancy. Best part, you get 5 weeks personal use per year! So now you have a holiday home that not only makes you significant profit each year but also only conceivably cost you £3,600!

Security? It’s a 5* resort so security will be of a maximum, their will be creche’s for your children and the entire community is gated. Flight times? if your from the UK your there in 5 hours, half the time of most Caribbean destinations! Guaranteed Sunshine? Yes, all year round dropping to 24 centigrade over Christmas! For more details of how we can source you a great investment contact Fresh Invest Ltd.

Dan Chamberlain is a director of Fresh Invest –, Fresh Invest brings a new approach to investing. Rather than concentrate on stocks and shares, Fresh Invest concentrates on property and alternative investments. These investments have consistently outperformed other investments on the market. We provide a complete service for the hands off investor, building investment portfolio’s in a safe and profitable way. Our current Dunas Beach Resort – offers the chance to invest in an up and coming area with very low deposit and a great rental return.

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