1. Nickel-cadmium batteries, 2. Ni-MH battery, 3. Lithium battery; they are generally expressed as: Nickel cadmium NI-CD, Ni-MH NI-MH, Lithium-Ion battery LI.
Purchase or replace the battery when the laptop for many users, the “batteries” may be unfamiliar. At the outset, batteries and battery are the two concepts. A battery is composed of several larger than your thumb, cylindrical, about 7-8 cm, the voltage is 3.6v small units, called the 18650 it is called a professional, Sanyo and Samsung is the largest producer. Batteries, like a small battery, after a series combination, that is, we see the battery. Then talk about how to determine the battery a few core:

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One way: Disconnect the battery to see him the number of contacts, a few is a few core. But this is the “minister” approach. We take a look at “Cao Chong,” is how, “said the elephant”: a look at how much of your battery v nominal, such as 14.4v, then divide by 3.6 by 4, then proved to be four batteries in series together. Then look at the capacity of the battery block, for example 4400mAh, then prove the above mentioned two series battery, because the small battery capacity of 2000-2200mAh, or even more, and together the two groups in order to reach 4400mAh. According to these two judgments, then the battery is 4 2 = 8 core.

Edit this paragraph constitute a laptop battery
Laptop battery by a shell, composed of circuit boards and batteries, are lithium-ion batteries. Generally they say the batteries means the number of batteries within the battery, mAh refers to the laptop battery capacity.

Mainly by the protection circuit board (or the secondary protection circuit), and indicating circuit capacity of two parts, on the laptop battery charge and discharge and safety management.

Laptop battery standby time determined mainly by the mAh value. In general, the more the batteries, mAh larger the longer standby time. Laptop battery life is primarily measured by the charge and discharge times, the quality of qualified products are generally 500-600 times. Therefore, the effective use of laptop battery within a period of 2 years, after which the battery will be aging, standby time of sharp decline in the mobility of notebook computers.

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