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Priceline car rental vs. Expedia car rental
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Image by mighty.travels
Picture courtesy of Skift
What’s the scoop with Priceline car rental vs. Expedia car rental?
The Priceline Group and Expedia Inc. are continuing to dominate the online travel market and this includes the business of car rental. We take a look at hiring a car online with both sites and co……

Expedia is awesome
expedia car rental
Image by Jim Carson
Note: the pink and green annotations are mine, just to illustrate the point.

Last week, I was traveling and in need of a rental car from Hartford to Providence. Since it’s a drop-off-at-a-different point, Enterprise wouldn’t do it, so I went to Expedia.

In the top panel, they showed only one result — Hertz — at a pretty freaking expensive. This was way more than I think a rental car should cost for a day and a half. I began looking into other options — train, flight, zeppelin, whatever — but then the caffeine kicked in and I noticed the smallish white font under "Car Price View."

The bottom panel hows more favorable results. Thrifty isn’t an "Expedia Preferred Vendor," but I have hard time grokking what Hertz could posslbly provide that would justify twice the rate. (And just now, when I tried a query without a drop-off point, Hertz is still the flipping most expensivest. No wonder they’re losing market share!)

The user interface choices are interesting. In the pulldown on the left nav bar ("Rental car company") makes you select individual non-preferred vendors.

My Rental Car
expedia car rental
Image by Shaylor
I tried to rent a coupe over expedia, but when I showed up all they had was this SUV. The Liberty. What a weird name for a car. I didn’t liberate any Communist or Islamic countries, but I did manage to liberate some crappy wine from Temecula.