Parents generally believe it is their duty to plan the careers for their children. They think that they know their children well enough to decide what kind of job suits them. Hoping that their children will go in for professions that will bring them the greatest economic benefit, many parents think that their children are too young to see this for themselves. There are some parents who even expect their children to take over the careers of their fathers. For these reasons, many parents insist that their children should obey them in choosing careers.

But many children suggest that they should be left free to choosing their own careers. For one thing, parents and children may not share the same interest. For another, children have been brought up in a different age from their parents and therefore, should be allowed to cultivate a spirit of independence. In short, children should be free to make their own decisions as to future careers.

In my opinion, in this case as in many other things, mutual understanding is very important. On the one hand, parents view does reflect their concern for children. On the other hand, after all it is children who will be doing the jobs. Therefore, itll be wise for parents to give them this freedom when necessary.

How do I regard my job? is it just a means of getting money to do the things that I want to do? Is the work important to me and my future happiness and contentment? Is it a combination of both these things? The above questions and their answers should give you some better ideas about how you should start planning your career. Your life-long job cannot be approached in any kind of haphazard fashion. It must be considered carefully, examined from every angle, talked over with those who know you and those who can help you in any way.

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