Here awaits the surprise regarding the gay marriage ban in North Carolina. Democratic Governor Beverly Perdue has come to a conclusion to not go for re-elections. This implies that the ban would continue on the procedure.

Prior to this development, it was expected that a huge crowd would roar, in order to choose their nominees for governor and president with a purpose to make North Carolina, the one last state in the Southeast to prevent the gay marriage. Now the people who have been strong supporters of gay rights have an option of curbing the constitutional clauses along with additional Democrats who would turn up on May 8 to choose a contestant for the post of Governor simultaneously. But the same-sex marriage defenders are confident enough that no matter what they do, it would affect them. Michael Bitzer, a professor at Catawba College of Politics and History says that he’s pretty certain about the fact that the people supporting the point of amendment though, tactfully, interrogating the May ballot was their perfect chance.

People on either sides of the question are concentrating on the importance of the message that it would convey to the entire world. It would be either of the two – firstly Gay Marriage would be completely banned in a stroke in the South. The second option being that there would be an astounding Dixie rejection.

If Perdue’s abandonment reduces the chances of the ban, it would be an irony. As to her it somehow made the lawmakers to shift the ballot towards spring when it appeared in November and was followed by objections. Perdue being against the amendment said that she did not want to see it on any of the ballots, but she seemed thoughtful about it as the Republicans wished it to happen in November as it would have enhanced their probability of winning the general election.

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